An Exclusive Look at Food, Family, and Manic Depression

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of an audio recording? We had the wonderful opportunity to watch as David Leite, a memoirist, food connoisseur and publisher of the Award-Winning website Leite’s Culinaria, read for the audiobook recording of his memoir, Notes on a Banana. David is a passionate and honest writer; his reading is just as raw as his book. 

Below is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at David recording a chapter from his book. You can watch the process of an author working with a director; see how the emotional content of the work can sometimes become overwhelming, and witness how the text can trip up even the author. Then click on the audio and listen how all the kinks, fits, and starts were edited out for a smooth, powerful delivery.

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Here is the completed recording of the chapter “Bad Chemistry” from Notes on a Banana:

Featured image courtesy of Expresso.