Olenna Tyrell

An 85 Year-Old Woman Who Dressed Up As Olenna Tyrell Is The Ultimate Winner

Thousands of pop culture enthusiasts arrived at Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend dressed up in cosplay. While the outfits were stunning, hilarious and, well, shocking, one in particular stole the show.


The world’s coolest grandmother captured the gaze of every attendee in sight when she arrived dressed as Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones.




Decked out in an Iron Throne wheelchair, and holding a sign that read “It Was Me,” the 85 year old woman proved that winners come in all ages. 



Game of Thrones fans know that the statement is a nod to Olenna Tyrell’s confession to Jaime Lannister before her death, disclosing her part in Joeffrey Lannister’s death. The infamous statement cemented Olenna’s legacy and spawned hilarious memes.




Featured image courtesy of ‘HBO’