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Amy Adams to Star in ‘The Woman in the Window’ Adaptation

A. J. Finn’s debut novel, The Woman in the Window, released January of this year, is becoming a movie. The psychological thriller tells the story of an agoraphobic child psychologist, Anna Fox, who, not being able to leave her house most of the time, has developed some disturbing habits. One of which involves utilizing her Nikon D5500 to peer into neighbors houses. Eventually she witnesses a crime which leads to debating whether she should call the police or remain silent. The story plays out with twists and turns, making us question what is real and what isn’t.


The best-seller has conjured up a lot reviews from pretty big names. Stephen King calls it “unputdownable.” If the story isn’t captivating enough for you, Anna Fox will be played by Amy Adams. I am sure we will get an extremely credible performance from Adams who has also recently been cast in HBO’s upcoming Sharp Objects.


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If no one else is excited for this film adaptation, I am. Growing up we also had a one-woman neighborhood watch, so it will be interesting to see a portrayal of how someone like that thinks and lives on the big screen. There is no release date yet.


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