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American Girl Publishes First-Ever Book for Boys

American Girl is releasing a book about puberty for boys. New York Times bestselling author Cara Natterson has sold six million copies of her series “The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls.” American Girl has decided to embrace the other half of the population with Natterson’s “Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys.”


Cover for "Guy Stuff"

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It’s a refreshingly irreverent book with illustrations by Micah Player. Natterson intends for boys (or girls) as young as 7 to read “Guy Stuff” from cover to cover.


Cara Natterson

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Not only does this book look at the physical changes boys go through as they approach adolescence, but also how their moods and emotions change. Regarding this, Natterson said:

Mood shifts and feeling are really primary in terms of puberty, and those topics are equally important to boys. What does a mood swing look like? What does it mean to feel pressure to man up? There’s a real absence of conversation about those topics among parents of young boys.


“Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys” is out today.


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