American Classic Gets a Big Screen Adaptation

This week, the internet was regaled with the chillingly beautiful premier trailer for a film adaptation of the Philip Roth classic, American Pastoral. The movie, which is slated for an October 21st release, is set to star first-time-director Ewan McGregor, alongside Jennifer Connelly, and Dakota Fanning. The adaptation was a long time coming, as production commenced in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as early as September of 2015. 

American Pastoral is a 1997 Pulitzer Prize winning novel. It details the disintigration of an American nuclear family after their daughter flees home upon participating in a politically inspired act of terrorism. The book addresses heavy themes like the racial tension and political unrest of the Vietnam Era.  

Much of Roth’s work has been adapted for the silver screen and television in years prior, but none have landed big with critics and larger audiences. Nor have they resonated as deeply as his powerful writing. This beautiful trailer leaves us very hopeful that Mcgregor could give us the Roth adaptation that the writer and die hard fans could be proud of.  


Featured Image courtesy of The Film Stage