AMC to Produce Series Based on Dietland

AMC has acquired the rights to Sarai Walker’s 2015 novel, Dietland. They are currently rolling out production for a series based on the book written and produced by the illustrious, Marti Noxon. Equal parts drama and societal critique, the novel follows Plum Kettle, an overweight woman who dreams of the day she can afford her weight reduction surgery.That is until she meets a mysterious woman in neon tights who introduces her to a group of radical feminists that help her come to terms with, and love, her body. This mysterious group becomes more and more militant, and the extremity of their fight against misogyny escalates frighteningly.

AMC is skipping past the pilot process and going ahead with a writer’s room for the series, a production process that has recently proven successful. Hopefully they are able to do justice by what fans have been hailing as “the feminist Fight Club”. 


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