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Ambitious Teen Launches YA Book Subscription Service

Most students dread school projects. They’ll put off the assignment until the last minute and then scramble to get it done in time. Fourteen-year-old Cameron Allen is not one of those students. In fact, he’s way ahead of the game.


The Michigan teen was recently asked to create a business for a school project. However, he’d had an idea as early as last summer and got it off the ground over the holidays. His business, Beacon Book Box, sends a newly released young adult hardcover each month along with themed items such as bookmarks, posters, and candles.



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Each box costs thirty dollars and is centered around a new theme each month. For example, February’s theme was “Storms and Serenity” for which Cameron chose the book Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce. He usually tries to find books that he can ship out within ten days of when they’re first released.


While Michael Allen, Cameron’s father, serves as the enterprise’s chief of operations, the majority of the business is all run by Cameron. According to The Detroit News, Cameron “takes photos for social media posts, reaches out to potential vendors and scours the internet for his next selection.” A friend helps him with social media, which has played a big part in the business’s success. Although Beacon Book Box has Facebook and Twitter accounts, its Instagram account is how most subscribers have found it.  Currently, it has a little over 800 subscribers.


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Cameron has said that he plans to use the money from his business for college. Unsurprisingly, his teachers have described him as an ambitious and hardworking student who likes to spend every spare moment reading. He reads an average of six books per month. While he is not sure what he wants to be when he’s older, for now he is using his passion for reading to make Beacon Book Box a success.


You can subscribe to Beacon Book Box here on the company’s website.


Feature Image Via Detroit News