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Amazon Restricts Reviews of James Comey Book In Response to Trolls

Like all controversial figures, James Comey is no stranger to criticisms from readers all across the political spectrum. Similar to the issues with reviews on Hillary Clinton’s What Happened and Michael Wolfe’s Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Comey’s new book has been inundated with one-star reviews from opponents and others trying to affect the book’s overall rating. 



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With the onslaught of suspicious one-star reviews, Amazon has taken action and has begun to restrict non-Amazon verified purchase reviews of the book. In compliance with Amazon’s Community Guidelines, the restriction is enabled to prevent users from “contributing false, misleading, or inauthentic content.


The infamous Pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald has taken no time at all to alert their community about the fact that they are no longer able to trash Comey’s book


While the subreddit may be all fired up about not being able to leave a low-rated review, even if someone were to try and give it a 5-star review, unless they bought the book through Amazon, it won’t go through.


While some may argue that Amazon is just trying to silence Comey opponents, websites like Goodreads show that Comey’s book still has a 4.34-star rating without requiring verification of purchase of his book. 


Featured Image Via Axios