Amazon Kindles Are Now Able to Display Book Covers on Lock Screens

A new feature for the Amazon Kindle will now allow readers to display a book’s cover as the device’s lock screen.

This is certainly a much anticipated feature as previously Kindle’s would only cycle through preinstalled backgrounds when the device was not being used. Kindle users will now have the option to have the cover of their current book set as the lock screen. This feature is also not just solely available for books as it will also support the covers of comics, magazines, and Manga.


Image Via The Guardian


All current models of the Amazon Kindle (8th and 10th generation), the Kindle Oasis (8th, 9th, and 10th generation), and the Kindle Paperwhite (7th and 10th generation) will receive the new update. The 7th generation of the Amazon Kindle Voyage is also included in the list.

Once your Kindle has been updated, users can enable the new feature through a toggle option that will appear in the system settings. Kindle readers will also be able to switch the new feature on and off whenever they like.

No exact date for when the feature will become available has been announced, but it is expected soon as the new update is currently being rolled out globally.

feature image via slashgear