Jon Snow looking shocked and close up of Jon Snow sexy costume

All Your Sexy Jon Snow Dreams Have Come True

Hello, it is us, your trusty source for all things ‘Game of Thrones.’ We are dedicated to bringing you the good news, the bad news, and slightly-uncomfortable-but-weirdly-exciting news, such as the fact that there is now an elaborate sexy Jon Snow costume.



Jon Snow

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As it is not actually affiliated with the hit HBO series, the outfit bears the name ‘Sexy Queen of the North Costume.’ The off-brand name only serves to add another layer of excellence to this already great situation. The inclusion of a particularly impressive cape may justify the price of $149.95.


Sexy Jon Snow costume

Image Courtesy of Yandy


According to Yandy, who are also the purveyors of the sexy Harry Potter lingerie we covered last month, this GoT must-have is currently available on pre-order. It will ship September 20th. 

Sexy Jon Snow costume from the side

Image Courtesy of Yandy


If you’re feeling more fire than ice, Yandy also stocks a ‘Sexy Mother of Dragons‘ costume. Though it may not be practical for dragon riding, it does get the point across. 


Sexy Mother of Dragons costume


Image Courtesy of Yandy


Sexy Mother of Dragons is also available on pre-order now. There’s something for everybody it seems! 


Featured Image Courtesy of Digital Spy and Yandy