All the Reasons Why Paddington Was Great and I Can’t Wait for Paddington 2

Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear remains one of the most adorable characters in all of literature. That’s just the truth. With his recognizable blue rain cat, and large red hat full of marmalade sandwiches, he’s an enduring style icon for toddlers and lovers of marmalade the world over. 


The 2014 adaptation of Bond’s books, entitled Paddington, is, in my opinion, an almost perfect children’s film. It is so entirely charming, moving, funny, and it features a sincerely bad villain, played by Nicole Kidman. And of course the titular character is hugely endearing. Look at him!



 Image Via Digital Spy


As a side note, I will say that I’ve never quite understood the trend in Hollywood of getting fully grown men to voice the characters of adorable animal children, using their man voices. Ben Winshaw voices Paddington, using his man voice, but it’s quite soft and so earnest that it really lends itself to his gentle, sincere nature. I will let it slide this time. He’s just adorable. Paddington. Ben Winshaw is all right too, but that’s neither here nor there. 


The trailer for Paddington 2 looks delightful, not least due to the many guises of Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant! And not just Hugh Grant, but Hugh Grant playing a baddie. A real baddie. Not a lovable idiot as in 90% of his other films. Well he may be slightly lovable. He does dress up as this dog at one stage:


Hugh Grant

Slightly lovable idiot villain |  Image Via Digital Spy


The posters for the upcoming sequel have gained huge attraction online due to how amusing Grant looks. He wears many costumes throughout the movie in order to wreak havoc upon beloved Paddington, who, wrongfully accused of stealing a book he wanted to buy for his Aunt Lucy, is sent to prison. Fret not, though. It doesn’t look like a particularly tough prison and Brendan Gleeson is there, and Paddington’s family are out in force to catch the real criminal (Grant) so I’m sure everything will work out okay in the end. DON’T. PANIC.


The trailer also features a dog named Wolfie which is MY DOG’S NAME. Well. Mine is actually called Wulfric which is one of Dumbledore’s middle names because we’re one of those families but his nickname is Wolfie and that’s good enough for me. 


Hugh Grant

An assortment of Hugh Grant’s other guises. I think they’re very funny. | Images Via Studio Canal


So, take a little look at the trailer and see for yourself. I would recommend watching the first movie before you see the second as that is obviously the sensible thing to do, and is necessary in order to understand the subtle nuances of the family dynamics, as well as Paddington’s history and the adventures that solidified the bond between him and his human family members. But anyway, not a whole lot will be given away by watching the trailer for Paddington 2


My favorite part is when he cleans the window with his butt. 



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