‘Aladdin’ Musical Might Stream on Disney Plus

Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway could be the next musical to hit Disney Plus.

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Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway could be the next musical to hit Disney Plus. The first Broadway musical to hit Disney Plus was Hamilton, earlier this month. It’s been a smash hit, and so now, Aladdin might be next.

Aladdin Broadway Musical Review | Time

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Aladdin is just one of Disney’s many Broadway musicals, the others include the long running The Lion King and Frozen, which have recently closed its doors for good during the pandemic. According to Filmed on Stage, Disney recorded the West End Musical in London before the musical ended its three year run. It was scheduled to be released in theaters Fall of 2021, until the pandemic put that on the back burner. However, Disney Plus was going to stream the play, before it was again delayed for Hamilton.
Now, in order to keep people interested in the streaming service, they have to keep adding fresh new content, and another musical could be the path forward, especially since Hamilton caused such a surge in subscribers. It would be amazing for the Lion King, filmed on Broadway, to stream on the service, but that could be a reach. Then again, Hamilton is streaming, and that was just a dream that became a reality, so there is still hope for the Lion King. Frozen the musical would also be a nice addition, considering it is no longer available to see live.
Aladdin the musical  could begin to stream sometime this year, but so far nothing has been confirmed. In the meantime, you can enjoy watching the 1992 classic and the 2019 live action version of Aladdin right here on Disney Plus.
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