Agatha Christie Mystery Unfolds in Real Time in Mobile App

Agatha Christie’s 1930 short story collection The Mysterious Mr. Quin has found new life as a mobile app. Called simply “Mr Quin,” the new app invites users to explore a mystery in real time. EastEnders’ Rebecca Scroggs and Games of Thrones’ Gethin Anthony star as Christie’s main characters in the app.

The app went live last week, with users following in real time as clues were revealed in an updated version of Christie’s classic. The app’s interface replicates a typical social media feed. The trick, of course, is that all of the comments, images, and videos being shared on the feed are clues to a murder mystery. The plot is still essentially faithful to Christie’s original 1930s version, but various elements are updated to keep things fresh and play into the social media style.

The experience is interactive, with users of the app being able to comment on their favorite parts of the story. The first live show took place last week, and the app seems to be a hit. Mr Quin has already received a few very positive reviews in Apple’s App Store.

It’s not too late to grab the app and check out the full story. You can also book VIP tickets for the next real time show! The Mr Quin app is available for $2.99 on the iOS operating system (sorry, Android users, but you’re out of luck this time). Download it and catch up on the mystery!


Main image: Mr Quin promotional photo