Afro-Feminism Meets Poetry in New Coloring Book

Take an interactive journey from girl to woman, ancient lore to contemporary feminism, with Makeda Lewis’s new coloring book, Avie’s Dream. Scarp the old bildungsroman and join, instead, the young dreamer-protagonist as she drifts from female myths of warriors and domesticity, to blooming worlds of sea creatures and tropical flowers. It has the personal edge other coloring books lack, sleek line design and powerful themes – it’s the Afro-feminist coloring book you didn’t even know you needed!


Lewis’s coloring book offers a new direction for the lit-lacking but widely popularized genre. Rather than suppressing content and privileging images above all else, Avie’s Dreams suffuses line drawings with surrealist poetry, and introduces adult themes to give the coloring book a whole new texture and caliber of intellect. Addressing themes of gender, race, sexuality, illusion and personal growth through illustration, the book creates a complex visual narrative accompanied by online quotes, modern poetry and popular lyrics.

Take a look:

“The intersection of my femininity and blackness is fascinating. I carry so many colors in my skin, so much weight in my hips, infinite voices in my throat. How could I not love myself?”

Images courtesy of LitHub.

“I don’t worry about the bad shit I’ve done in the past. I have the same potential as anyone to be peaceful and giving, beautiful and true. I contain monsters and angels. I’m not scared of that.”

Image courtesy of Saintheron

Image courtesy of @themakeda

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