‘Adventure Time’ Will Continue In the Comics

Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, has finally come to an end with a four-part finale. The Great Gum War was brought to a head as Princess Bubblegum headed into battle against her Uncle Gumbald in an effort to exert her power, her resilience and to rid Ooo of what she saw as a huge threat. Many questions were left both answered and unanswered in the finale. The finale was jammed packed with fan favorites, moments that are forever seared into our minds. Adventure Time has always sought out to create meaningful messages, pushing the boundaries of expectations and definitely did not miss it in this finale where they challenge social norms, faced old adversaries and sought to meet an understanding to end the war. Action, adventure including romance all rolled into a four-part special left fan satisfied yet hungry for more.



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For fans hungry for more Adventure Time, BOOM! Studios is ready! The saga will continue through serialized comics that will released in stores this October starting with Adventure Time Season 11 #1. The serialized comics will focus on stories after the Great Gum War. The comics will follow our favorite characters along with some new ones into their futures after the war. Eisner Award-winning writer, Sonny Liew including artist, Marina Julia, will write and illustrate the upcoming comics. However, though the comics will feed fans hunger for more Adventure Time, fans should also be aware that the comics will be non-canon. I don’t know about you, non-canon or not, I would love to see how the future of the characters turns out after the war.



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