Advanced Reading Robots

Machines have been learning to read for quite some time. The reality of it is now becoming more and more solid, as robots seem to have begun conquering the next step in machine reading. Soon, robots will be able to read books without having to open them. An impressive technological feat that is sure to come with its fair share of consequences.

Applications for this technology are sure to excite historians, archaeologists, and all types of scholars. We reported a while back that there is now technology that makes it possible to extract information from ancient texts without the risk of catastrophic damage. 

This technology is becoming so advanced, that soon it will be able to circumvent security measures put in place to distinguish human users and computers. Advanced digital reading technologies have been known to have captcha problems. Captcha was the system used to keep computers from acting as human users before the introduction of recaptcha in 2014.

Soon, computers will be as advanced, if not more advanced, readers than people.


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