Adorable ‘Wonky Donkey’ Book Made Famous by Laughing Granny Video!

The Wonky Donkey, a children’s book and song written by New Zealander Craig Smith, is being put center stage after a viral video of a Scottish grandmother reading it to her grandchild goes viral. The endearing tale of donkey gets weirder and weirder as one reads along which as the video has suggest causes a huge number of giggles and laughter.


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Image Via Event Finda


The cute viral video has caused an increase of interest in The Wonky Donkey causing the publisher to increase production of more than 50,000 copies. I’m sure every parent will want to purchase this cute children’s book for themselves, so they may share in the laughter and glee that is The Wonkey Donkey. Check out this adorable viral video below:






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