Adorable Kittens at Play

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Not feeling your best today? Need a little pick-me-up? Brew yourself something yummy and let these adorably animated kittens from Seth Casteel’s book POUNCE revitalize you with a heavy dose of “awwh”. All of the kittens featured on the shoot were available for adoption or were adopted on the day of the shoot.

1) I wasn’t ready!!


2) Imma get you!


3) Not really sure what’s happening!


4) I am so happyy!!


5) No no no no no

Making expert use of his signature photo-style, Casteel is able to capture the adorable animation of a kitten at play. Hopefully they inspire you to go save a kitten and at the very least, go about your day with a smile. Pick up a copy of POUNCE at his website: 


Featured image courtesy of POUNCE