Adorable British Schoolchildren Break Harry Potter World Record

They may not have made it into Hogwarts, but these 676 British schoolchildren just fulfilled one childhood dream of ours: breaking a Guinness world record by becoming the largest gathering of people dressed up as Harry Potter.



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These adorable primary-school kiddos, gathered in Bolton, England on Sunday to break the record. As stipulated by Guinness, each child was adorned with spectacles, a lightning forehead scar, a Gryffindor tie and a wand. After standing together for five minutes, the budding witches and wizards were rewarded with a free copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.



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This record-breaking occasion, which was organized by Bloomsbury Publishing in connection to Bolton Library and Museum Services, was one of several public exhibitions put together by the publishing firm in celebration of the phenomenon’s 20th anniversary. The previous largest gathering of Harrys, amounting to 521 kids, was done by Tanbridge House School of Horsham, England in 2015.


Featured image courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph