‘Addams Family’ Series Coming to Netflix?

Tim Burton is expanding his legacy of twisted and melancholy film and entering the realm of television with his upcoming series based off of The Addam’s Family. As fans wait eagerly for Burton’s special dark magic to reach the small screen, multiple streaming platforms are battling for the rights, and Netflix is currently on top.

We don’t know for sure which company will dominate the competition and harness decades of spooky comedy watchers and Addams Family fans, but one thing is for certain: Tim Burton – famous for films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice and Wonderland, Frankenweenie and Sweeney Todd – is going to kill it. One can only imagine how he is going to give this death-obsessed family new life and make the creepy classic his own.

We don’t yet know when the series is estimated to release, but I think I speak for everyone when I say: we want it NOW!



This anticipated series is being produced by MGM Television and executive produced by Burton, Alfred Gough, and Miles Miller. It’s building off the Addams Family hype that began with the original cartoon in the late 1930s, and continued with the 1964 television series, and two later films. The 2019 animated film can be found here, and the 1991 film is currently a hit on Netflix during the Halloween season.

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