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Actress Emilia Clarke Puts End to Her Khaleesi Tale on Game of Thrones

Though HBO has seen tremendous success in their adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s hit series, A Game of Thrones, there is only one more season to produce until the story comes to an official end next year. However, HBO has been looking into various spinoffs to elongate this success. Even with the official end date announced, viewers can expect to return to Westeros at some point in the future. The bad news is, actress Emilia Clarke says she is ready to let go of her role as Khaleesi. 


“I mean, I have no doubt there’ll be prequels and sequels and who knows what else. But I am doing one more season,” Clarke tells Rolling Stone in an interview. “And then that’ll be it.”


Saying goodbye to Daenerys Targaryen won’t be easy, not to mention those dragons she’s been getting along with.



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“It makes me emotional to think about,” she informed the magazine. “It’s my beginning, middle and end — the single thing that has changed me most as an adult.” 


In the meantime, we still have Season 7 coming on July 16th.


“It’s a really interesting season in terms of some loose ends that have been tied, some really satisfying plot points, some things where you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I forgot about that!”


For Season 7’s official trailer, click here.


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