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According to the Internet, J. K. Rowling Doesn’t Exist

With all the hype surrounding the impending release of the JFK assassination files, the internet is going a little conspiracy crazy. In the roundup of theories including flat earthers, Avril Lavigne, and Beatles body replacements, there was one I hadn’t heard before and it’s about J. K. Rowling. 


Norwegian film director Nina Grünfeld is convinced that J. K. Rowling doesn’t actually exist.




Nina Grünfeld

Image via Nina Grünfeld


Back in 2005, Grünfeld argued Rowling’s inspirational story (that she dreamed up the magical world of Harry Potter while stuck on a delayed train) was too good to be true. The director claims that J. K. Rowling is instead a pen name, a front for an entire industry of professional writers turning out page after page, chapter after chapter of the books.


Grünfeld cites the Nancy Drew series as, well, not exactly proof, but, you know. Carolyn Keene, the pseudonym behind Nancy Drew, is actually a collective of thirteen writers spanning 1930 through 1985. Which is pretty cool, honestly, that there was a complete team of both men and women creating a singular voice together.


In theory, if this were true and J. K. Rowling as we know her is just the pretty face fronting the facade, then I have so many questions. Who is the woman we know as J. K. Rowling? What was her life before she was cast in the role of a lifetime? Who really wrote the Harry Potter series? You’re telling me I’m honestly supposed to believe that someone other than J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and they didn’t immediately break their NDA and write a tell-all Tumblr post about it?


Please. I wasn’t born yesterday.


Featured image via J.K. Rowling.