Harry Potter parseltongue

Accent Expert Explains Mysteries of Dothraki, Parseltongue and so Many More!

Accents vary depending what region you’re in. That’s true all over the world. It’s also true of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.


Naturally, learning the ins-and-outs of any language is hard, but it’s even more difficult when the language in question isn’t real. But, of course, we’ve got you covered.


Master teacher and dialect coach of ten years, Erik Singer, has been teaching and coaching accents in various private, production, and business settings. His knowledge spreads over every accent you can think of, even those of your favorite characters. I can’t think of a book lover who doesn’t want to delve into every single detail of their favorite characters.


Erik Singer

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Singer uses his skills to discuss the unique traits that make each language original. What language uses that guttural sound? How does a word change just by the click of your tongue? What real languages inspired these fictitious ones?


We’ve heard linguistic traits of both Valyrian and Dothraki courtesy of dialect expert Jan Hayon Rowles, who works on Game of Thrones. Na’vi also created a stir when Avatar first came out and Paul Frommer had to teach the cast subtle clicks and noises. My personal favorite is Sindarin and Elvish from The Lord of the Rings. Because who doesn’t want to know what the hell Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler are saying and why it sounds so heavenly? You will surely be an expert by the end of this video.



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