Absolutely Genius Tweets from Authors

Are you on Twitter? If you’re not, you should be. All your favorite authors are, just so long as they’re still living. Most of their tweets are entertaining. There have been a few recent tweets from well-known writers that caught people’s attention more than others. Tweeting is an art and these writers can certainly write, but they can also communication with fans around the globe in less than 100 characters. 

Augusten Burroughs, the author of the touchingly funny memoir, Running With Scissors, is a master at turning his childhood traumas into masterful captivating stories. He’s also great at tweeting. His signature wit has helped propel him to Twitter fame. They are sometimes snarky, but always entertaining. As shown below, he’s even been known to take playful jabs at other writers, such as Jonathan Franzen.

Swiss-born author, self-help guru, and television personality, Alain de Botton is known for covering many different topics. His books include How To Think More About Sex and Religion For Athiests. It is hardly surprising, then, that his tweets would be presented in the same way. They are not necessarily always humorous, but more often than not, they are certainly memorable.


Joe Dunthorne, the Welsh-born author Submarine isn’t terribly well known in the United States yet. The dark humor that helped him rise to fame throughout Britain is clearly reflected in his tweets, though. He is fantastic at one-liners and humorous observations that make you laugh but also think deeply. His love of music is also strongly reflected. 


Joyce Carol Oates isn’t known for writing humorous things. Most of her works are on the more dramatic side and are popular with a more mature audience. Given all this, she’s not the first author that many of us would suspect of having a strong Twitter presence. She does, though, although quite a few of her posts have been political, as of late.

Another writer who is not known for publishing funny books is Teju Cole. His works, such as Open City, have typically focused on serious matters, such as race, cultural clashes, and geopolitics as well as art and photography. His twitter tells a different story, though. While he occasionally posts poems, sports are a common theme with his tweets. 


Of all the authors on Twitter, though, the best one has got to be Stephen King. He’s been called the “master of horror”. He can now be dubbed “master of Twitter.” There’s nothing funny about the horror stories that made him famous, but his tweets never fail to make us laugh. These are just a few of the many strange and wonderful things he’s posted.

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