ABRAMS Books Wants YOU To Spread Their Tasty Products


ABRAMS Books, noted publisher of cookbooks and other visual-heavy content, have just come out with some exciting news: the chance to be an ABRAMS brand ambassador! The publishing firm described the opportunity on their website:


We are assembling a dedicated group of social media aficionados to become brand advocates for the ABRAMS Food & Drink program.


Selected members will receive our full fall 2017 and spring 2018 Food & Drink libraries, as well as ABRAMS swag, exclusive advance content, the chance to be an official ABRAMS recipe tester, and, of course, bragging rights.


Abrams is asking for “all influencers, bloggers, #foodies, and cookbook enthusiasts” to help publicize its books by posting to various social media channels, including but not limited to Instagram photos, blog cookbook reviews, and tweets featuring tips from their books.




Those wishing to apply for the position of ABRAMS brand ambassador can do so here. Happy eating/reading!


All images courtesy of ABRAMS Books.