Abbott Explores the Cost of Greatness

Greatness does not come easy. Typically it requires a lifetime of dedication, discipline, and guidance. Not to mention avoidance of all the craziness that life can deliver to your doorstep. Megan Abbott’s new book You Will Know Me delves deepl into the chaotic life of a gymnastic prodigy dealing with some of life’s most unfortunate events.

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott


The story starts with star gymnast Devon Knox. Devon and her family are fully committed to making her the best gymnast she could possibly be. They take all the necessary classes and buy all the necessary equipment, while plungin into debt. Everything seems to be going fine until a beloved character in the book dies from a sudden hit-and-run accident.

The accident causes Devon’s mother Katie to take a closer look at her family. She begins to realize how distant she actually is with her daughter. This strikes her as bizarre because she spends almost all of her time micro managing every aspect of her daughter’s life. Physically, she knows every inch of her daughter’s body, every muscle, every knot, and every hair out of place. But, mentally she’s a ghost, unapproachable by anybody.

Megan Abbott makes a shrine of the gymnast’s body: calm, resolved, relentlessly dedicated. Her writing itself contains a kind of briskness, a taut dry atmosphere that fits perfectly with the rigorous nature of Olympic level athletic training.

A mystery is growing in the background of the book. As the story goes on curiosity surrounding the death begins to grow. The resolution of the mystery takes the book to a whole new level of depth in a way that readers won’t soon forget.

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