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A Very Long List of Stephen King Books Being Adapted This Year

1. In The Tall Grass


in the tall grass

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Coming to Netflix, Stephen King’s 2012 novel In The Tall Grass is getting an adaptation. The third of King’s works that Netflix has adapted, the novella will be produced into a full-on feature length film. The story centers on a pair of siblings who pull off to the side of the road in Kansas to aid a screaming boy in the tall grass. According to Deadline, Westworld’s James Marsden is set to star with Vincenzo Natali directing and writing. 


2. Pet Sematary



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Originally adapted in 1989, King’s Pet Sematary is getting another crack at an adaptation. According to the adaptations’ screenwriter, Jeff Buhler, it is going to be “the scariest Stephen King adaptations ever.”  Pet Sematary tells the story of a doctor who moves his family to a rural Maine town and quickly discovers a cursed burial ground behind his house. As of writing this, Jason Clarke and John Lithgow are the only actors confirmed to be starring.


3. Castle Rock



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Being released on July 25 of this year, Hulu will be the host of this long-awaited King adaptation. Familiar faces like Terry O’Quinn and Bill Skarsgård are set to star. Pulling characters and ideas from several of King’s work, Castle Rock is the connection between many of King’s novels and stories. 


4. It: Chapter Two



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With much excitement following the highly-anticipated sequel to King’s first chapter in the It series, It: Chapter Two will complete the story of the Loser’s Club. Jessica Chastain and King adaptation favorite Bill Skarsgård are set to star as Beverly Marsh and Pennywise. In the second chapter of the story, the kids, who are now grown ups, return to Derry twenty-seven years later. 


5. Hearts In Atlantis



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Not to be confused with the 2001 adaptation of King’s story, Hearts In Atlantis is getting a film revamp with a different title. The 1999 collection of two novellas and three short stories follows a group of college kids from 1966 who become fascinated with the Machiavellian undertones of the card game Hearts. Set to be directed by Johannes Roberts, the adaptation does not have any confirmed actors or a release date.


6. Drunken Fireworks



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With news of this stemming all the way back to 2016, we’re not so sure this adaptation will ever be released. With James Franco set to star and script by Matt Rager, Drunken Fireworks follows a blue-collar mechanic and a retired mob odd who go head to head in an annual Fourth of July fireworks competition. With no director, release date, or any news of anyone else involved besides Matt Rager and James Franco, I think this adaptation might have to be laid to rest. 


7. The Tailsman



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Director of John Green’s bestselling novel adaptation, The Fault in Our Stars, Josh Boone is set to write and possibly direct King’s The Tailsman. The Tailsman follows a boy who enters a parallel world known as the Territories in search of a powerful talisman in order to save his mother from certain death. The adaptation was originally going to be a television show, but has been turned into premiering for the big screen. No stars have been confirmed and no release date has been published to date. 


8. Revival


n m

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Another King adaptation favorite, Josh Boone is set to direct the adaptation of King’s 2014 novel, Revival. With similar themes to Frankenstein, the story follows minister Charles Jacobs and his wife through five decades. Russell Crowe, who is set to play Charles Jacobs, is the only actor currently involved with the adaptation according to Boone. Release dates are still unknown. 


9. The Dark Tower



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The Dark Tower was released as a film in 2017 and was a major flop. Thankfully, Amazon was willing to give King’s iconic novel another shot as a miniseries. King himself describes the TV series as a “complete reboot” with Glen Mazzara set to star in the adaptation. The Dark Tower is an eight book series which follows gunslinger Ronald Deschain who is on a quest to find the Dark Tower, a building said to be the nexus of all universes. 


10. The Stand



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Being developed as a 10-hour long series for CBS All Access, Josh Boone is set to direct the adaptation of this behemoth of a novel. While no stars are set in stone, Boone has considered Matthew McConaughey to play Flagg. No release date or other information has been released yet.


11. Sleeping Beauties



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Swiftly picked up by Anonymous Content, one of King’s newer novels, Sleeping Beauties, is in development as a television show. Taking place in the near future, Sleeping Beauties follows a women’s prison in a small Appalachian town in which the female prisoners are shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze when they sleep. The only confirmed members of the upcoming adaptation are Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta who are set as executive producers. No release date or actors have been confirmed for the project. 


12. Doctor Sleep



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Sequel to The Shining, King’s 2013 novel Doctor Sleep is on the fast track to become a new film. Doctor Sleep follows Danny Torrance in his 40’s, struggling with the same demons of anger and alcoholism that his father dealt with. Mike Flanagan is set to direct and rewrite the script. Possibly a part of a Shining Trilogy, a prequel called The Overlook Hotel could be in the works in the near future. There isn’t a release date associated with the adaptation yet.


13. The Tommyknockers



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A remake of the 1993 ABC miniseries of the same title is now in the works as a film. Set to be produced by James Wan and Roy Lee, King’s 1987 novel follows Bobbi Anderson and the town of Haven, Maine which falls under the influence of a dangerous gas from an unearthed spacecraft. Although very recent news, no one else besides Lee and Wan have been associated with the project. 


14. The Long Walk



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Written under the pen name Richard Bachman, The Long Walk is one of the newest of King’s works to be adapted. Warner Bros. will be bringing the 1979 novel to the big screen. The Long Walk follows a dystopian America in which 100 teenage boys are forced to participate in an annual walking contest that ends when only one walker is left alive. Basically, The Hunger Games but with walking. According to EW, James Vanderbilt will write and produce the film.


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