A Series of Unfortunate Events Teaser Trailer Will Leave Your Skin Crawling

Changes were made to this article once The Reading Room staff was made aware the video is fan-made and not officially released by Netflix. 

On Sunday, a teaser trailer for the new adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events was released on YouTube. According to the site, the teaser was posted by fictional character Eleanora Poe, who is the editor of The Daily Punctilio in the book series. According to Entertainment Weekly, the trailer is fan-made and unofficial.

A Series of Unfortunate Events follows the journey three children must undergo after their parents die in a mysterious fire and they become heirs to a great fortune. A distant relative, Count Olaf, is after the money, but must wait until the eldest child reaches adult age.

Though it is only 35 seconds, the fan-made teaser shows many aspects of the books we hope are incorporated into the show. Spiders are crawling, maggots are wiggling, and a toothy leach is trapped in a jar. On the same table is a newspaper clipping referencing the Baudelaire fire, and a black ribbon—similar to one that Violet would wear in her hair—drifts past. The eye symbol is abundant, and a book still smoldering above the fireplace is titled “How To Start Fires.”

We can’t wait to see an official trailer as Netflix delves into Lemony Snicket’s series and brings some of our favorite characters to life.