A Rumored Second ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Would Focus on Valyria

With the hugely successful Game of Thrones drawing to a close, reports have indicated that HBO is developing several spin-off series set in the same universe. The only one that has been confirmed will start filming this fall and cover events from the Age of Heroes and the Long Night, but an administrator on Game of Thrones Wiki claims to have details on a second series already in development.


The series would reportedly center on the decline (and ultimately the explosive Doom) of the Valyrian Empire, from which Daenerys Targaryen traces her lineage, and which author George R.R. Martin has described as “like the Roman Republic, with dragons”. (And since this would be before the Doom, there would be a lot of dragons. The nobles of Valyria were called dragonlords. Everyone would have a dragon.) The rumored title is Empire of Ashes.



Illustration of Valyria from The World of Ice and Fire | Image Via Westeros.org


Keep in mind that, at this point, it is only a rumor, and nothing has been confirmed by official sources. But a series about the Doom of Valyria seems like a natural spin-off, especially considering that the Long Night series is unlikely to feature any dragons, which are a major draw for many Thrones fans. It would also have the advantage of being set entirely or almost entirely in new locations – instead of the already-familiar lands of Westeros, it would explore eastern Essos, and reportedly even northern Sothoryos. A series set in Valyria would expand on the Thrones universe while still feeling like something entirely new.



Feature Image Via LA Times