A Review of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ from Bookstr

Last night, Bookstr took a trip to see the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Yes, we adults went to go see Fantastic Beasts and it was amazing, so don’t judge us. We grew up with the Harry Potter books in our hands, then waited patiently for each of the eight movies. Now, we’re going back in time to see where things started for Newt Scamander, his magical beasts, the Magical Congress of the United States, and the dark wizard, Grindelwald. 

After many tormenting weeks of waiting, the wizarding world unfolded itself to us once more. There will be a total of 5 Fantastic Beasts movies, so you best believe I will be calling a babysitter for my future children, because I will be going to see them all no matter how old I am. 

I highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D. The CGI and the action scenes are absolutely fantastic (heh). Each creature is so detailed, that I couldn’t imagine seeing it in regular 2D now. 

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I thought that Fantastic Beasts was stunning. It was set in the 20s in NYC, so on the outside, in the streets, everything was dark and drab, but inside the magical world, everything was colorful. From the outfits to the details of the creatures, this movie was visually amazing. I think the cast was great too. Newt Scamander is sweet, shy, and a bit of a disheveled wizard who cares for magical beasts. He has made it his life work to preserve their legacy and teach people how to successfully care for them. Eddie Redmayne was perfect for the role. In parts it was scary, while in others it was funny and tender. It successfully filled the void I’d had from no wizarding world related movies. 

Here’s what some of Bookstr thought about the movie – 

Denise: “Beasts was exhilarating, enchanting and filled with both the excitement and charm that graced the Harry Potter series.”

Emily R: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a pretty incredible follow up to the HP movies, especially considering what an iconic cultural staple those movies have become in the past decade. The movie offers incredibly humane characters (Newt!) and reveals a new side of the magical world – the bureaucracy of it, the unrecognized do-gooders and environmentally conscious, the university rivalry between English Hogwarts and the school in the states, and the massive population of wizards around the world! It all works to bring a new layer of ‘realness’ to the magical world and, set in the 20s, a few fun hints and nods to the future of wizardry to come. Although some parts of the plot feel unfounded, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was an all around great return to the magical world.”

Epiphany: “Magical, Action-Packed, and Nostalgic. I was instantly transported back to my childhood and teenage years, the height of the Harry Potter phenomena. Fantastic Beasts has the charm of the wizarding world that we all know and love, but it exposes us to a different country and time period that we’ve never seen before. Potter fans will be giddy with excitement when characters and places from the books are name dropped, but remember that this is a new story, only set in the same universe. Keep an open mind while watching and you will love it, just like I did.”

Gaby: “The movie was so fun and I am definitely excited to watch the next FOUR! The acting was good as well, but I will say that the pacing was off. Since I read all of the Harry Potter books, even if there were plot holes in the film, I knew what was going on. With Fantastic Beasts, everything was a surprise, which was awesome, but also filled with so much. It got a little muddled, but I feel like stuff will be covered in future films. The last thing I will say is that even though the film was fun and quirky, my favorite aspect of the wizarding world is always the dark stuff. Ezra Miller and Colin Farrell my favorite parts… you’ll have to see the movie to find out why!”

Emily M: “Wow. Fantastic Beasts proves that the J.K. Rowling universe is impressively viable outside of the Potter realm. Even those without any prior Harry Potter knowledge will be able to sink right in.”

Jamie: “Eddie Redmayne probably deserves an Oscar for fully committing to confusion and brilliance all on a green screen…. it was a lovely bonus that the movie was a peep into historic New York….I mean I enjoyed the movie because it was cuter than i thought it would be. WAIT ALSO Tina is like so happy Eddie’s character is going to come back and I’m like girl that is a LONG TIME away he’s literally going on a boat for a few weeks or whatever and then he’s gonna come back like much later like girl…The movie also passes the Allison Bechdel test?”


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