A Real Life Haunted House Story is Getting a Netflix Adaptation

Another day, another Netflix horror adaptation. The twist here is that this haunted house story actually happened. In a massive bidding war, Netflix managed to snag the film rights to a lengthy piece from The Cut about a mysterious wrathful suburban interloper known only as the Watcher.

When the Broaddusses moved into their charming million dollar family home in a wealthy New Jersey suburb of New York City, they were expecting to raise their three children in peace. However when Derek Broaddus opened up one of the first letters at his new address he was unnerved to find that one of his neighbors had something of an unhealthy obsession with the house.

The letter referenced a power within the house that called to people, and that the duty of being the Watcher was passed down through the generations. Perhaps most terrifying of all the Watcher referred to Derek’s children as the young blood which will soon be his (or hers).

Image via the Gothamist

Derek and his wife Maria are both understandably upset that their newly bought home is the subject of some deranged lunatic’s obsession, and ultimately refuse to move their family in. Soon enough, the police are brought in to investigate but with scan leads, the investigation goes nowhere. The Broaddusses neighbors and community, someone among them likely the culprit, also begin to turn on them, with many proclaiming the whole thing some kind of real estate scam. Efforts by Derek and Maria to sell the house or parcel up the land run into brick walls and the cops still have nothing. Years go by and the letters still keep coming, each one more angry than the last. Everybody becomes a suspect, and yet nobody can be definitively proven to be the Watcher. The story ends with Derek writing anonymous accusing letters of his own to old neighbors, with the Watcher having gotten away scot-free.

The story is compelling and well worth a read. But be wary that you too do not become obsessed with the Watcher.



Feature Image Via Geek Tyrant