A Rare Anne Frank Poem Will be Auctioned Off

Anne Frank‘s famous diary told the brief, yet heart-wrenching events of her life running and hiding during the Holocaust. Her strength and determination resonated with all of us and the fact that she documented it in her diary was an intense and shocking feat. Frank’s works have miraculously survived time. A new poem, written before her time in hiding, was recently discovered and will be auctioned off this month.

Image courtesy of The Jewish Press

The 12-line poem is dated March 28, 1942. It was written by Frank in a book owned by her best friend’s older sister. This is the fourth time that Frank’s writing will be auctioned off. According to Yahoo, “A series of letters between Anne and her sister Margot with American penpals were sold for $165,000 in 1988. And a 1925 edition of Grimm’s fairy tales, with both girls’ names written on the title page, went for $62,500 in May in a New York auction — fetching twice the estimated price.”

The auction will take place November 23rd and will be auctioned off by Bubb Kuyper in the Netherlands.  




Featured image courtesy of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum