A New York City Nude Book Party

It is legal in New York City for men and women to be topless and Sandra LaMorgese is taking advantage of it. According to her website, LaMorgese PhD, “has worked as a the Director of Education for ‘Cures,’ a wellness skin and body care brand, and is a metaphysician, holistic practitioner, ordained Reverend and Huffington Post blogger.” 

LaMorgese, at 60 years old, is releasing her new memoir, Switch, which discusses her change from holistic medicine to her profession as a dominatrix.  

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She’s all about celebrating sexuality and understanding oneself. She told The Huffington Post:

“Switch is a book unlike any other, and it has something for everyone. Parts of it are shocking and risqué, and it will definitely push you out of your comfort zone, but, most importantly, it will take you on a journey of self-discovery, honesty and love.” 

While some feel uncomfortable about their sexuality, or are just unwilling to talk about it in public, LaMorgese wants to be as open as possible about it. She says

“Sexiness is an attitude ? a confidence and swagger that can only be acquired over a lifetime. There is just something extremely sexy about a confident older person, and at 60-years-old, I’m proud to be one of them.” 

LaMorgese is holding the first ever ALL NUDE launch party on September 14 to celebrate her new book. Yes, you read that right. ALL NUDE. Nudity will be optional for the press ? but mandatory for all guests.


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