A New ‘Unfortunate’ Trailer is Here

I’m sad, happy, nervous, and excited all at the same time. I just don’t want this to flop! A Series of Unfortunate Events was adapted to the screen in 2004 and it didn’t do so well. In my opinion, the cast worked, but Jim Carrey as Count Olaf was off. 2 weeks ago, we got our first glimpse at Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and today, we’re blessed with a full trailer from the Netflix series. I think the problem with the casting of Olaf is that they keep trying to make him silly, whereas I felt he was more sinister and conniving in the books.

In the new trailer, we can see that the show will cover multiple storylines from the books. I’m still a little skeptical on Harris as Olaf, but everything else looks magnificent! According to The Wrap, Season 1 will have 8 episodes. 





Featured image courtesy of People