Kurt Cobain

A New Kurt Cobain Biography Is in the Works

Kurt Cobain is a music and social icon of the 1990s who succumbed to a tragic end. He is widely cherished and missed through his music. There already are many different biographies out there on Cobain’s life. However, a new one is being made and it’s tempting us to learn even more about Kurt Cobain through the words of one of the people closest to him.



Trapeze will be publishing the new book. The biography will focus on Cobain’s previous manager, Danny Goldman, and his interactions that formed his close relationship with the former star. Goldman argues that the biographies about his dead friend that are already available aren’t as accurate as how he knew Kurt to be. With this new take on the artist’s life, we are promised a completely different and new telling on the man, myth, and legend that was Kurt Cobain.





Goldman and Cobain together | Image Via Pinterest



Danny Goldman worked with Nirvana during the time of their hit album Nevermind. To him, these were the most important years of Kurt’s life: from 1990-1994. Cobain was married, had his first child, and his problems with his fatal addiction were at their worst. Trapeze has disclosed that it will be focusing on never-before-heard or seen stories and files from Goldman, as well as other unnamed sources.



The new biography will be titled Serving the Servant and will be available in April of next year. For all you Nirvana fans out there, this is definitely a must-read to check out!





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