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A New Issue of ‘the Umbrella Academy’ Is Out Just in Time for the Netflix Series!

The long-awaited adaptation of The Umbrella Academy will be coming to Netflix early next year. February 15th— just after Valentine’s Day— will see the premiere of the series based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comic books. A smattering of stills have recently been released, and the series looks incredible so far.


A still from 'The Umbrella Academy' showing the main cast standing around an ash scattering while holding umbrellas.

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A still from 'The Umbrella Academy' showing the main cast sitting at a kitchen table.

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These images are not the only new Umbrella Academy material to excite fans, as Way and Bá have just released the first issue in a new UA story arc, Hotel Oblivion. This is big news, bigger than many other comic releases, because its October 3rd release date comes nearly ten years after the previous Umbrella Academy series, Dallas, which came out in 2009. While fans are very pleased with the release and eager to pick up their copies of Hotel Oblivion, they are still curious as to what exactly took so long to get this comic out there, especially since the first two volumes were only separated by about a year.



The covers of Volumes 1 and 2 of 'The Umbrella Academy'

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The explanation is actually quite simple; while the concept for the third installment in The Umbrella Academy has been settled for quite some time now, (the title was announced by Way back in 2009 at San Diego Comic Con) getting the comic written and drawn was interfered with by Way and Bá’s other creative ventures, especially Way’s musical career, which he describes in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:


“[My Chemical Romance] was ending, and touring on Danger Days took a lot of my mental and physical capacity,” Way says. “I found I couldn’t write on the road like I used to. I wrote the first Umbrella Academy series completely on the road, in all different cities. I found I was able to do that, so I thought it would be the same thing when I went out on Danger Days and it wasn’t. It was really taxing. The band kinda took awhile to dissolve as well. I wasn’t really in the mood to write comics until I did a solo record. Then I started to re-engage, but it never felt like the right time. The story changed and evolved a lot. The ideas and core elements were there, but I kept having to make it fresh for myself and change things and really tell the story I wanted to tell.”


Cover of 'Hotel Oblivion'

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Thankfully, now that the Netflix series is underway, Way and Bá are determined to keep up momentum to prevent the show’s storyline from surpassing the comics, therefore fans can expect a steady stream of Umbrella Academy issues until the series meets its conclusion:


“We have this show now, so we need to stay ahead of them and give them a blueprint for what they might do,” Way says. “In order to do that, the idea is to take very little time in between arcs and just start working on a new arc right after the last one is done. That way we can eventually get to the end of this story.”




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