A New edition of A Farewell to Arms will include 47 different endings

If you have not read A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway you have no doubt heard about this semi-autobiographical love story set during World War I. It was Hemingway‘s first best-seller, but by the sounds of his 1958 interview it was also a book that gave him a lot of trouble as he admitted that he rewrote the final words of A Farewell to Arms “39 times before I was satisfied.” These multiple endings were housed for years at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, but finally we will all have a chance to see them. Scribner who has published works by Hemingway for years has just released (on  July 10th, 2012) a brand new edition of A Farewell to Arms that includes all of the 47 different ending ( yes there were more than Hemingway remembered). This new edition will also include  the original cover, Hemingway‘s introduction and a new introduction by his grandson, Sean Hemingway. Without a doubt it will be interesting to see what other possible futures have Hemingway contemplated for his two lovers and their child. Did he ever imagined that they could have lived happily after? However, I think that this project will hold most interest for writers and writers wannabees, as it is a very rare opportunity to glimpse a mind of a great writer at work. As for a reader and admirer of Hemingway‘s writing I am really looking forward to finding out if any of these endings match what I thought would have happen when reading this classic.