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A New ‘Charmed’ Manga Adaptation Has Been Published!

The Halliwell Sisters are taking on more than television, they are now being woven into a whole new tale of magic and mystery. Charmed, the television show, focused on the sister trio as they battled supernatural forces and learned how to control their powers. However, it’s getting a whole new perspective in its new manga adaptation. The sisters must take on their biggest challenge yet: a young girl with untamed power is in need of help when her magic goes out of control and threatens everyone around her.



Image via TV Spiel Film

image via TV Spiel Film


The Manga, Charmed: Magic School is being adapted into a manga. It will center on Delia, a young girl coming into her uncontrollable yet supernatural. Due to a magical incident, Phoebe, Piper and Paige seek her out in order to help her manage her abilities.  However, her power is still a lot to handle and due to some magical mishaps, attracts the attention of supernatural forces. It’ll be up to the trio to help Delia wrangle in her powerful magic in order to defend herself and others around her. I’m a big fan of Charmed, I’m looking forward to the sisters taking on a master and apprentice and sisterly type role in Delia’s life. It’ll be interesting to see how they will help her shape her magic and choices.



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Image via Modern Age Comics


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