A Muggle I.T. Guy at Hogwarts Made a Blog and It’s Hilarious

There’s a new guy working for Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, but his only magical ability involves a working knowledge of smart phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. Someone created this hilarious Tumblr Blog, The Setup Wizard, which follows Hogwarts first I.T. and muggle employee Jonathan Dart. “You read that correctly,” Jonathan’s first blog post reads, “It took them until 2016, but both students and staff alike have finally caved and demanded that their cell phones work on school grounds,” and they need wifi. That’s right, witches and wizards are just like us; they want instant access to technology and information, and if something goes wrong they need it fixed immediately. They also seem to be just as befuddled by technology as the rest of us, which is where Jonathan, the observant, purely Muggle I.T. guy comes in.

As someone not quite accustomed to the magical realm, Jonathan stumbles across some bizarre, often uncomfortable situations, like the Room of False Promises:

Jonathan notes that in helping pure-blood magical humans with their coveted iPhones and computers, they seem to be opening up to Muggles. He has also discovered that ghosts are real, while on the toilet apparently.

Like any laborer, Jonathan looks for a way to ease his nerves after a day at work. Butterbeer may not cut it but…

Hogwarts may benefit from having an outsider’s perspective on their amazing school. Jonathan believes that the moving stairwell system is not only costly, but the stairs are also “multiple accidents waiting to happen.” However, anyone familiar with the professors of Hogwarts will know their reluctance to change (it took them until 2016 to get wifi on campus, for example).

For a clever chuckle, check out The Setup Wizard, the wonderful Harry Potter parody. Jonathan has the snarkiest, funniest IT blog we’ve seen. 

We must emphasize, witches and wizards seem to have a hard time grasping technology…


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