A ‘Harry Potter’ Ugly Sweater Party

If you remember, Molly Weasley knitted a series of sweaters for her family – even Harry Potter. Thanks to SparkLife, a section on the Sparknotes page that features Book related articles, a Molly Weasley sweater party has been reimagined. Courtesy of Paulina Bas, we have an illustrated version of what everyone’s “ugly” sweater would look like in the Potter world. 


“The Boy Who Lived” 


“Roonil Wazlib”


“Granger Danger”


“Twitchy Li’l Ferret Malfoy”


“The Jar Jar Binks of Hogwarts” 

“Luna “Dirigible Plumsauce” Lovegood”



“Electric Arthur Weasley” 


“Phlegm Delacour” 


“‘Don’t You Dare Say It’ Tonks” 



“Why So Sirius Black”


“Oh Snape!” 


“Minerva ‘Zero Tolerance for Shenanigans’ McGonagall”



“He Who Must Not Be Cold” 


All images courtesy of SparkLife