A Harry Potter Themed Pasta Restaurant Just Opened in NYC

New York City is a lively city, with an endless list of top-notch restaurants and eateries. Some say that one of the reasons that New York is great is because of the food. Honestly, I spend so much money on food here, because I can’t help it. Pad thai, gourmet cookies and donuts, pasta, PIZZA! I’m getting hungry just typing.

Well, I better hide my wallet, because there’s a new pasta joint in town. It’s called Pasta Wiz and it’s inspired by Harry Potter!

In an interview with the Gothamist, owner Alex Dimitrov said, “We decided Pasta Wiz, it’s like a wizard magical place, so we’ve made it Harry Potter-style. We decorated in a Harry Potter-style. The magic is making the pasta so fast, and so good.” 

Check out Pasta Wiz now!



All images courtesy of Gothamist