Jason Baca

A Day in the Life of the Most Popular Romance Novel Model

Romance novels are ubiquitous and infamous, but also very well loved. The covers are known for their scantily clad men, bursting with six-packs, gorgeous locks of thick hair, and penetrative gaze that says “I can protect you!” Those who appear on the covers are often a mystery: Who are they? Are they a career romance novel cover model?




Top romance cover model, Jason Baca, opened up about this unique line of work. Baca is not just a normal book model: He holds the record for being on the most covers! Chances are, you’ve seen him on a number of occasions, whether you were reading the book he was featured on or simply passing it in the store. The record was previously held by Fabio, but Baca recently eclipsed him after starring on over 500 covers. 


So how did he get started?


Jason Baca Original cover



Baca started as an aspiring actor. At his first big role as Freddie Prinze Jr.’s body double on I Know What You Did Last Summer, a photographer asked to take photos of him. Modeling for a photographer felt more natural to him than acting so he changed paths.


After browsing at a bookstore, Baca looked at book covers and thought “I could do that.” He then dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle by constantly going to the gym and eating exclusively healthy or protein-filled meals. Now that he is in his 40s, Jason has more of a struggle to keep up with the younger models looking to overtake his job as the top cover model, but Baca does not want to slow down due to the love he has for this work: “I go into this world where I have this great heartfelt passion. I get to be a hero, a person who is working hard for these authors writing books.”




Despite his modeling success, Baca is still a hard worker at a municipal housing authority in Santa Clara. He remains dedicated to his looks, claiming “I have to stay youthful looking. I’m constantly trying to find the new anti-aging creams, creams that have peptides, something that will keep wrinkles away.”

His diet consists mainly of white eggs, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, greek yogurt, and multivitamins. Jason also does close to 1000 sit-ups every day to ensure that he stays in top physique. Check out Jason on the cover of your next favorite romance novel!