A ‘Corduroy’ Bear Movie Is on Its Way

Bookish bears are all the rage and nowadays, movie adaptations of books are popular too. In 2014, a Paddington bear movie was released and a sequel was just announced. For all of you bear fans, there’s another one coming to the screen. It’s Corduroy! PBS Kids aired a Corduroy Bear animated show in 2000 for one season, but now, Corduroy is getting the time he deserves. Written and illustrated by Don Freeman, Corduroy is a brown bear with green Corduroy overalls. 

Tim Story, known for Barbershop, Ride Along, and Think Like a Man is being considering to direct the film, but no other news has been released.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

“The book tells of a teddy bear who, over the course of one night in a closed department store, goes on an adventure to find his lost button so that he can find the home and the friend that he has always wanted. But the book, published in 1968 at the height of the civil rights era, broke ground by having an African-American girl and her mother comprise the home the bear seeks to join.”  

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I can’t wait for Corduroy! Can you?




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