A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook Explores the Classic Tragicomedy’s Food

A Confederacy of Dunces is a satirical, hilarious look at an overweight, over-educated 30-year-old who is still living with his mother, in a city known for their delicious cuisine.  The highly-observant protagonist, Ignatius J Reilly, has a disinclination towards modernity and a penchant for New Orleans food.

Food History writer and columnist for the Baton Rouge Advocate Cynthia LeJeune Nobles has made a dream come true for lovers of Ignatius and the wonderful food of New Orleans with A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook. Like John Kennedy Toole, author of A Confederacy of Dunces, Nobles has made a sort of love letter to New Orleans.  According to National Public Radio, Nobles studied Toole’s book so she could “understand what Toole was trying to do. He was trying to tell the world what New Orleans was at the time, what kind of people lived here, and how they were so different from other places. And New Orleans really is a different city, in a very good way.”  

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This is more than a cookbook. It is an eloquently written, history-filled ode to A Confederacy of Dunces with recipes. Any food that is even touched upon in the original story makes an appearance in Nobles’s cookbook. Some of the recipes include: Juicy Wine Cakes, Paradise Pork and Beef Wieners (from scratch!), and cheese dip.

Which dish are you hoping to get the recipe for?  

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