A Book Lovers Fantasy

Not sure what to get the person you love most in your life? We’ve selected some perfect gifts for book lovers to celebrate their love, and indulge their own love of the written word. Got any suggestions? We’d love to hear them.


The Bell Jar Phone Case

Courtesy of Etsy

Keep this constant reminder close to you. 


Famous Book Couples Print

Courtesy of Etsy

Rank yourself among the best with this print.


“Old Books” Candle 


Courtesy of Etsy

Because nothing says romance like the smell of old books. 


Personalized Book Mug

Courtesy of The Literary Gift Company

Give your love story a unique title or use one that already applies!


Clever T-Shirt 

Courtesy of Café Press

To remind your loved one to be on their best behavior.


Literary Scarf 

Courtesy of Etsy

Let E.E. Cummings keep you warm. 


The Truthful Chocolate Bar 

Courtesy of Quirky Gift Library

Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is. 


Jane Eyre’s Announcement Mug 


Courtesy of The Literary Gift Company

To be reminded of love every morning.


The Classic Set

Courtesy of Etsy

Keep your favorite books close to your heart.


Grammar Print 

Courtesy of Etsy

*wink wink*


Book Themed Matchboxes

Courtesy of Etsy

Light up the night with these adorable matchboxes.


A Very Special Anniversary 

Courtesy of Etsy

“And they lived happily ever after…”


Lord Byron’s Words Necklace 

Courtesy of Etsy

To remind you that love is enduring.


“I Love You” Book Cut-Out 

Courtesy of Etsy

Learn how to DIY this so they’ll never forget!