90’s Kids Rejoice, Lisa Frank is Back

Quick what are two things you desperately need in your life, like right now? If your snap answer was more 90’s nostalgia and Lisa Frank coloring books you’re in luck. From the illustrator who inspired a thousand regretted tattoos and some trippy memes, comes her debut coloring book for adults, Color Me. Sacrifice no more; now you can champion all the tokens of adulthood and shamelessly color unicorns, dolphins and all the Frank creatures that adorned the school supplies of your youth.

Frank announced the news earlier this week, courtesy of an Instagram and Facebook post. The book, which will feature coloring pages akin to the sneak peak below, will be available next month at Dollar General.

The 90’s never die (image courtesy of Scary Mommy)


Excitement and nostalgia aside, we can understand if Frank lost her appeal over the years. You graduated from scented gel pens to ballpoint and moved from roller blades to more reasonable forms of transportation. But, would knowing that Lisa Frank was actually an incredible avant garde artist in her day change your mind? Rest assured, your decision to pick up Color Me will not only be backed by your own sweet childhood memories, but the illustrator’s relatively unknown artistic credibility.

Image courtesy of NyMag


Before she was drawing doe-eyed penguins and cotton candy skies, Frank worked in fine arts as a means of supporting herself through school. The abstract pieces are radically different from her commercial art, but just as expressive, creative, and worthy of recognition. We hope no one would (because no one should), but on the off chance that you get any backlash for your coloring indulgences you can use that little piece of Frank history to subdue any salty retaliation.

Now that you know, the remaining question shouldn’t be whether or not you’d enjoy this book, but whether or not the stickers come included or separate. 


Featured image courtesy of Galore Magazine.