9 Types of Readers You Definitely Know

We know them. We love them. We are them: Bibliophiles. Just like any type of categorization, there are tons of different types of readers out there that approach the art of consuming literature in unique ways.


Here’s a sampling that we’ll ALL relate to in some way:


1. The “Weekend Warrior” Reader 



Let’s start off easy. The “Weekend Warrior” Reader approaches reading with a cool demeanor, as this type of reader doesn’t sweat over an ever-mounting “to-read” list. They read for pleasure on the weekends or whenever the opportunity presents itself. Let’s be honest, this is a great way to approach reading!





OK, this reader is the antithesis of the weekend warrior reader. This reader cannot get their hands on ENOUGH prose and literature, and that covers every genre. Nothing gets in the way of their reading challenge goals, numerous book clubs, and heavy involvement in the #bookstagram communities. The type to read a book (or more!) a day. We commend your drive, reader!


3. The Obsessive Author-Specific Bibliophile 



I’ll admit it: I’m a huge Baldwin fangirl. I will read anything and everything in his body of work just because he wrote it. Same with Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Jodi Picoult, Joyce Carol Oates…. And so on. This bibliophile HYPES their favorite authors and builds their libraries around their work. Amen to that!


4. The Tentative Reader




The Tentative Reader is the reader that is always unsure of the book they’re reading. Do they like it? Do they actually like reading? Nobody really knows. But something keeps bringing them back to reading!


5. The Intellect 



The Intellect simply loves learning and absorbing all the information of the world. Their preferred method to do so is through reading. Understandable, right? Books do hold the key to our past, present, and future. This reader tends to gravitate towards non-fiction and historical fiction. We can respect that.


6. The Snobby Reader



The Snobby Reader is the obnoxious version of the Intellect. They want you to know what they’re reading at all times and think their titles somehow elevate who they are as a person. Think “Harvard Ponytail Douche” from Good Will Hunting. Ugh. We’re pretty sure they’re not even reading what they say they are. The WORST. Avoid these readers at all cost.


7. The “Goes to Book Club for Wine and Conversation” Reader



The title says it all. These are the kings and queens of “So uh… didn’t actually read the book but… Who would play so-and-so in a movie?” That can get frustrating, but honestly, we can’t yuck on this person’s yum. Socializing is good, wine is good, and hey, if books are involved, we’re here for it! Just don’t disrupt the flow of the conversation, steer clear of the intense book clubs, and we’re good.


8. The Shy Reader



This is the reader that loves to read, but doesn’t really talk about it. Doesn’t join book clubs, social media platforms, or anything like that. It’s an intrinsically individual activity, anyway.


9. The Lifelong Book Lover 



Last, but certainly not least, we have the lifelong book lover. The reader that grew up with their nose in a book. The “reads eight books a week over the summer after 6th grade that their mom throws an impromptu intervention” type reader…. OK, no personal experiences? Got it. The Matildas. Hermiones. Lisa Simpsons. You.


Let us know in the comments which one you are!


Intext Images Via Giphy. Featured Image Via Fanpop.