9 Relatable Tweets For Bookworms

An open and free Internet may have its pros and cons, but one thing it’s great at is connecting people with shared interests. People you’d never meet otherwise!

Bookish Twitter, in particular, nurtures a strong, positive community of book lovers who bond over a mutual respect for the written word. There’s tons of tweets for bookworms to love, share, and enjoy. We’ve curated a handful of our favorites:

1. Honestly, #same.

2. Pure evil… But road rage!

3. Been there.

4. The worst.

5. Is he right, or is he right?

6. We gotta update HR guidelines on leave, because YES.

7. #Guilty

8. When you devour a book a day, it only makes sense!

9. Valid.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!