9 Reasons Why Elizabeth Bennet Is a Female Role Model

Jane Austen’s literary heroine Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Bennet is one of the most badass female literary characters ever written. Fiercely vocal about challenging stereotypes related to gender, social, and cultural norms, Lizzy remains a paramount figure of defiance and pride.


While her pride has proved costly at times, ironically portraying her as the very judgmental figure she often fights against, it nonetheless proves to be one of the many qualities of her character which fans adore. She isn’t perfect. However, there is a lot to learn from her character.


Here are nine reasons why Lizzy is a female role model to all readers!


1. She is confident in herself and won’t let others’ biases bring her down.


2. She is fiercely loyal to her sisters…even the annoying one. 


3. She refuses to let men intimidate her AND calls them out on their rude behavior.




4. She challenges others through her witty and intelligent retorts rather than through anger and petty remarks.


5. She doesn’t conform to others’ low expectations of her.


6. She would rather sacrifice financial security than be stuck in a loveless marriage with a man unworthy of her.




7. She doesn’t place a man’s value on his appearance. She judges a man for his morals rather than his attractiveness. 


8. She recognizes her faults and tries to right her mistakes rather than stay in denial.


9. Most importantly, perhaps, is her pride in books! 




Feature Image via Focus Features