9 Debut Female Authors To Look Out for in 2024

2024 may be in full swing but plenty of things still await us. Let’s look at some amazing 2024 debuts still to come!

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We may only be three months into 2024, but this year has already brought us some incredible female-authored books, as fans of Kristin Hannah, Sarah J. Maas, and Ali Hazelwood will know. But as much as we love these tried-and-true women writers, we also want to bring attention to debut female authors who have their own exciting stories to tell. So, in honor of Women’s History Month, and celebrating women all year long, read on for nine upcoming debut novels from female writers that you can pre-order now!

Sweetness in the Skin by Ishi Robinson

Releases April 11th

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For fans of The Girl with the Louding Voice and The Reading List.

When Pumkin’s aunt is offered a chance to move to France, she seizes the opportunity and promises to send for her. All Pumkin has to do is pass her French entrance exam. But when her grandmother dies and she’s left with her volatile mother and estranged, still lazy father, the household’s fortune takes a turn for the worse. To raise money for her exam, she turns her baking into a booming trade. But when her school and mother find out what she’s doing, everything she’s worked for may slip through her fingers.

Perfect Little Monsters by Cindy R.X. He

Releases May 7th

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Perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars, You, and The Black Queen.

Someone murdered the queen bee of Sierton High School. All of her friends are suspects. And each had a reason for wanting her dead.

Ella Moore was the most popular girl at school. And the most hated. When she’s found dead at her own party, there are too many suspects to name. And too many think she deserved it.

Police suspect new girl Dawn Foster, who was the last to hand Ella a drink. And Ella’s friends are more than willing to throw Dawn under the bus. Refusing to go down without a fight, Dawn delves into the past, discovering Ella and her friends had many enemies. And one of them is out for revenge.

Of Jade and Dragons by Amber Chen

Releases June 18th

A golden dragon descends from the top right of the image with a flying airship against a black background. A sea and several palaces line the bottom of the image.

Perfect for fans of Mulan and Iron Widow.

Aihui Ying wants to be a world-class engineer like her father. But after his sudden murder, her life falls apart. Left with a journal of his engineering secrets and a jade pendant from the assassin, Aihui follows the trail to the Engineers Guild.

Disguised as her brother, she infiltrates the guild’s male-only apprenticeship with the help of an unlikely ally, the eighth prince of the High Command. With her father’s renown a target on her back, Aihui must stay a step ahead of jealous competitors, guild masters, and her father’s killer.

Cam Aihui avenge her father, or will she be the next in the assassin’s line of fire?

Masquerade by O.O. Sangoyomi

Releases July 2nd


Loosely based on the myth of Persephone and set in a reimagined 15th-century West Africa. For fans of N. K. Jemisin and Madeline Miller.

Òdòdó’s hometown of Timbuktu has been conquered by the warrior king of Yorùbáland. Already shunned as social pariahs, living conditions for Timbuktu’s women grow even worse.

Then she’s abducted to the capital city by a vagrant who visited her blacksmith guild days prior. But dressed in riches, she realizes he is no vagrant at all. He is the warrior king. And she’s to be his bride.

After a lifetime of subjugation, the power that saturates this world of war and politics becomes too enticing to resist. As tensions with rival states grow and enemies hide in plain sight, Òdòdó must defy the cruel king she’s been forced to marry by re-forging court loyalties in her favor or lose everything — including her life.

The Girl With No Reflection by Keshe Chow

Releases August 6th

A woman in traditional Asian garb looks at the viewer with a shattered green mirror above her shows her reflection upside down. The background is green flowers and plants.

Perfect for fans of Song of Silver, Flame Like Night and Violet Made of Thorns.

When Princess Ying Yue is chosen to wed the crown prince, her dreams of a fairy tale marriage fall apart. Her husband is cold and indifferent, and he confines Ying to her room. Worse still are rumors of the prince’s other brides, who all disappeared after their weddings.

Left alone with only her reflection, she sees strange things. And on the eve of her wedding, she accidentally opens a gateway and is pulled into the mirror. In this realm of sentient reflections, she meets the Mirror Prince, the complete opposite of the Crown Prince, and falls in love — the kind she’s always dreamed of.

But there is darkness here too. The two worlds have a long and blood-soaked history, and Ying plays a part in both. And the previous brides? When they discovered their roles, it had already been too late.

Immortal Dark by Tigest Girma 

Releases September 3rd

A hand made of threads holds a golden church/castle with red threads leaking from it. It's held against a black background.

Perfect for fans of The Cruel Prince and Ninth House.

Orphaned heiress Kidan Adane grew up far from the arcane society she was born into, where human bloodlines gain power through vampire companionship. And when her sister is kidnapped, Kidan suspects Susenyos Sagad, the vampire bound to her family.

To save her sister, Kidan must infiltrate Uxlay University, whose students ensure peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires. And even as Susenyos’s wickedness speaks to Kidan’s own violent nature, she knows she must find her sister and kill Susenyos at all costs.

The Dividing Sky by Jill Tew

Releases October 8th

A women's purple silhouette is on the right side of the image wearing a silver earpiece with a moon and a couple inside her silhouette. A man's silhouette is on the left side of the image wearing with an orange city inside him.

For fans of Arcane and Serpent & Dove.

In 2460, 18-year-old Liv Newman dreams of a future beyond her lower-class existence. So, as a Proxy, she uses the neurochip in her brain to sell memories to wealthy clients. Maybe a few illegally but money equals freedom. So when a customer offers her a ludicrous sum to go on an assignment in no-man’s land, she accepts. Now she has to survive.

Rookie Forceman Adrian Rao believes in order. So after discovering a Proxy’s shady dealings, he vows to extinguish the threat. But when he tracks Liv down, there’s a problem: her memories are gone.

As Liv and Adrian navigate life beyond their city and their feelings for one another grow, they grapple with who they are, who they could be, and whether they can live any other way.

Midnights With You by Clare Osongco

Releases November 12th

A woman looks at the viewer through the driver's side window of a car as a male looks to his left at her. The bottom half of the image shows a car driving on a road at dusk.

For fans of Susan Lee and Dustin Thao.

Deedee’s life is full of family ghosts and questions she can’t ask. She longs to escape her stifling home but guilt holds her back. That, and her strict Filipino mother won’t let her learn to drive.

But one sleepless night, Deedee finds herself taking secret driving lessons with the new boy next door, Jay, whose turbulent family life also keeps him up until sunrise.

As nights turn to days, Jay helps Deedee unravel her past. Secrets bloom into love, and Deedee starts to imagine a life where happiness and freedom are possible. But as she dives into the trauma that brought them together, more than that threatens to tear them apart. Together, they must decide if the pain they’ve inherited has the power to choose their fate or if they have the power to choose for themselves.

Dust by Alison Stine

Releases December 3rd

An outline of a woman's face is in the center of the image as she looks at the viewer. Wisps of hair cover her face. The background is a grainy burnt orange color.

For fans of Dry and Not a Drop to Drink.

After her father has a premonition, he uproots Thea, her mother, and her sister to move to the Bloodless Valley in Colorado. On their remote farm, the girls will be “unschooled,” taking nature hikes and helping with animals. But when nothing will grow, Thea’s parents agree to let her work at a local cafe, where she meets Ray, who is deaf.

Though Thea was born hard of hearing, the rest of her family is not, so she was forced to pass and pretend. But Ray begins to teach her sign language in secret, and Thea learns what she’s truly been missing in language and community.

The more time she spends with Ray, the more she ventures into the valley — even its Dust Bowl-era history and warnings that it could happen again. The river is drying up and the black blizzards have returned. But her father isn’t the only one who has dreams…

2024 is full of book releases that explore trauma, Asian mythology, climate change, and representations of disabled characters. This article covered eight of these sure-to-be amazing releases, but this is certainly not all of them! Keep an eye on your favorite reading site, Bookstagram, or of course, Bookstr’s website for other female-authored releases!

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